Luxury Desert Experiences in Dubai

December 23rd 2020
Written by: Giulia

With a name like “City of Gold”, it comes as no surprise that Dubai is  well-known as one of the capitals of the world for opulence and luxury. It’s home to the most luxurious hotels, once in a lifetime experiences, and some of the best dining in the world.

Although the lights and glamour of the city can be quite alluring, the best luxury experiences in Dubai are actually found in the desert.

Royal Platinum Desert Experience

Luxury Desert Experiences Dubai

Platinum Heritage is renowned for their luxury Dubai desert safaris, but their Royal Platinum Desert Experience goes to an entirely different level.

This experience starts with a trained Conservation Guide chauffeuring you in a luxury Range Rover through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to an exclusive lake, where you get the opportunity to take in the serene beauty of the Dubai desert. Throughout the drive you’ll also spot native wildlife such as oryx and gazelles.

Just as the sun begins to set, you’re then given a private falcon show while a professional butler serving you canapes, dates, and sparkling juice.

After the sunset falcon show, you will arrive at a Royal desert oasis to enjoy a beautiful six-course fine dining experience prepared by an on-site chef. There’s a variety of menu options that you can choose beforehand including delicious entrees like roast duck, and main courses such as lobster or Australian lamb ribs.

After dinner, enjoy the Flaming Sands of Arabia fire show which is exclusively performed at Platinum Heritage. Throughout the rest of the evening you get to enjoy customised entertainment of your choice. Professional violinist, saxophonist, or anything else you can think of can all be provided upon request.

Private Hot Air Balloon Experience

It’s hard to put into words just how magical it is to float above the Dubai desert in a hot air balloon, and having your own private experience makes it that much more special.

This luxury desert experience is especially appealing to couples looking to share a special moment together. After all, what’s more romantic than a private sunrise hot air balloon ride above the desert?

Balloon Adventures Dubai is the leading hot air balloon company in Dubai, and you would be doing yourself a disservice to settle for any other operator. Their private hot air balloon rides are unlike any other hot air balloon experience in the world, and is perfect for those looking for a once in a lifetime experience.

After your flight, you’re taken to a luxury desert oasis where you’re served an exclusive gourmet breakfast that includes Eggs Benedict and smoked salmon.

Once you’ve eaten your fill, you’re then taken on a wildlife drive inside of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in a luxurious Range Rover. On the drive you get to spot indigenous animals like the UAE’s national animal, the Arabian oryx.

Due to the warm weather, we aren’t currently operating. Balloon Adventures Dubai looks forward to welcoming passengers back again in September!

Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa Dubai

Breakfast at Al Maha

Everyone enjoys being pampered, and Dubai has no shortage of spas. However, few spas compare to Al Maha Resort & Spa.

Al Maha offers everything a normal spa would offer, and more. They have dining experiences, fitness and yoga classes, and every type of spa experience you can imagine.

One of the major attributes of Al Maha is its setting. This resort and spa is situated in the middle of the Dubai desert, just outside of the city. They take full advantage of the surrounding landscape with a massive outdoor dining space with a spectacular view.

In addition to the dining area views, every suite they offer comes with a private infinity pool overlooking the pristine desert, which makes it hard to believe you’re just 45 minutes outside of one of the busiest cities in the middle east.

Perhaps one of the more interesting things to note about Al Maha is that they have a strict no child policy, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of relaxation without worrying about the kids.

If you’re searching for a luxury desert experience that will offer you a little R&R, Al Maha has everything you need.