Christmas gifting ideas to make life easy!

December 19th 2021
Written by: Genevieve
The Ultimate Christmas Gift List

It’s that time of the year again! Putting on your Santa thinking hat and coming up with ideas of what to buy for your loved ones *sighs*. Spending the festive season in a vibrant city like Dubai means there are a plethora of things to do and buy for special occasions. It’s almost overwhelming.

Hands up if you hate walking into a crowded mall and squeezing through people to get where you want to be, not even to talk about parking! The obvious resolution to this is, of course, online shopping… Especially in Dubai, where everything can be ordered online. But what about not knowing the quality of what you’re going to receive. What about shipping fees and having to wait a couple of days or a couple of weeks to receive it?

Me personally, I am horrible at giving gifts. I either forget that I need to give a gift or have no idea what to get them. Therefore, I set out on a mission to create a list of ideal gifts to give this Christmas – without having to go to the store or waiting for it to be delivered.

  1. Get Pinterest savvy

Nothing says personalised like a DIY gift. Making your own gift can be quite daunting, sure! But there are actually so many simple ideas, yet wonderful.

Take this Photo Candle as an example. You can quickly run into your local supermarket, buy a plain candle, and customise it with a photo and a message. It’s a gift that will last longer and will definitely be used. And it’s so easy!

Another one that will touch the heartstrings is this Memory Box. You can theme it according to your loved one’s home décor, and they can hang it for everyone to see or keep it next to their bed. You can be as creative as you want or just use a pen, paper, pictures and poetry. Maybe insert a souvenir from a memory you have together? Like the ticket from when you went to watch your favourite band or the bracelet from that epic brunch you had last month. The options are endless.

These are only my top two favourite Pinterest finds, but I suggest you go and check it out for yourself. Just be careful not to fall down a rabbit hole and end up with the opposite problem: Not knowing which of the many ideas you want to gift them!



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  1. Buy an experiential voucher

Most people hate giving gift vouchers because they feel it’s “unpersonal”. Let me ask you this: Would you rather give someone a gift and there is a chance they might not like or use it. Or would you rather allow them to buy themselves something they want or love, and when people ask, they can still say that you bought it for them (since you know, you gave them the voucher).

I personally love gift vouchers and will never be offended when receiving one. It means they know me well enough to know I am super picky and prefer to choose my own things.

Wanna take it a notch up? Don’t get them a gift voucher to buy something physical. Buy them a memory in the making! I call them “experiential vouchers”.

One that recently caught my attention was from Balloon Adventures Dubai. They now have the option for you to buy a loved one a voucher they can use toward a hot air balloon experience. Now let’s be honest, a hot air balloon flight isn’t the cheapest thing you can give someone, but that’s not an issue! You can choose the value of the voucher you want to buy them. So if this type of experience is something they have talked about for a while, but they can’t afford it, you can help them make it possible!  Or you can just go all out and get them a voucher for the full experience!

The pictures and memories they will have will last longer than any physical gift possibly can.



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  1. Surprise them with a picnic

Picnics are so underrated… With all the beautiful beaches, parks and desert dunes Dubai has to offer, I’d expect it to be a bigger deal than it is.

Get a beautiful picnic set (trust me, it’s an investment), whip up some delicious ham sandwiches and get freshly baked goods from your local bakery and voila! This is another experiential gift that you can make as personal as you want. Is your friend or loved one a health freak? Pack a delicious fruit platter with juices. Do they have a sweet tooth? Stuff that basket with toffees and cupcakes.

A bonus idea – if you invested in the beautiful picnic set as suggested, gift that to them as a souvenir of your picnic. Every time they take it out to go to the beach, park or desert, they will remember the amazing adventure you took them on.

If you don’t want to organize everything yourself, why not use Glamnic Dubai?



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  1. Regifting – a big yes!

If you are reading this, I’m sure you probably have an unspoken drawer filled with soaps, jewelry, scarves, and more someone gave you, not quite knowing your style.

Dust it off, take it to be fixed or pretty it up and wrap it in brand new wrapping paper! What the gift receiver doesn’t know won’t hurt them… But why waste a perfectly good, probably expensive present, if someone else might like it.

Don’t make a habit out of this, but if you are really out of time (or money), this is an easy fix that will be well-received (or go into their unwanted gift drawer). Either way, you put time and effort into giving them something. You did your best!


  1. YOU

You are amazing! They are blessed to have you in their lives, caring enough for them to be looking up blogs on what to gift them for Christmas. Lucky them! Slap a bow on yourself and show up on their doorstep with some festive jingles and a bottle of something they like. And fine, if you really insist, throw in a small present you got from the dreaded mall or waited a few weeks for. I’m sure they will appreciate whatever you do for them in a time of all expats’ lives where they miss their home and their families.