Interesting Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan 2019

May 20th 2019
Written by: Susan
Ramadan in Dubai 2019

Ramadan is a great time to visit Dubai and there are lots of ways to enjoy this sacred time as a tourist. In a previous blog we mentioned a few changes to everyday life in Dubai during Ramadan. The pace of the city does slow down a bit during the day when people are fasting, but there is still a lot to do in Dubai during Ramadan, especially at night. We picked some of the most interesting things to do during Ramadan and chose to share the ones offering the most value for money. Here’s our top 4 picks of things to do in Dubai during Ramadan 2019.

1. Soak up the magic of this time and enjoy iftar in a Royal desert retreat

‘Iftar’ is the name of the meal eaten to break the fast. During Ramadan, hotels and restaurants across Dubai host daily iftars for Muslims and non-Muslims. These lavish feasts are usually buffet style over a few hours.

If you are interested in experiencing something a bit different, the Platinum Heritage Ramadan Heritage Desert Safari offers a traditional iftar of authentic Emirati cuisine. It’s a great way to experience the desert, try local cuisine and learn a bit about the culture and traditions of Ramadan.

After a wildlife drive through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in the beautiful vintage Land Rovers, you get to watch a falcon show, ride camels, get henna and break the fast in an authentic Bedouin camp in the desert. The camp is gently lit with light Arabic music playing in the background. There are many highlights with this experience but the Arabic drumming and traditional performance was the cherry on top to a magical and unforgettable experience.

Platinum Heritage – Visit Website

2. Express your adventurous side and drive your own boat

 One of the best ways to see modern Dubai is from the ocean. HERO OdySea has a Ramadan Boat Tour which operates three times a day. The highlight of this experience is that you get to drive your own boat! This is the only one of its kind in Dubai and gets you up close to the stunning Burj Al Arab and Atlantis, The Palm to mention a few landmarks.

If you are looking for good photo opportunities of Dubai and its coastline then this is the activity for you! We recommend booking the sunset time slot as it’s a bot cooler and the lighting is amazing. Sunset is a very special time during Ramadan, as it indicates the time to break the fast. It’s quite something to take in the spectacular views of the Arabian sunset, Dubai’s skyline and ocean from the back of a HERO boat.

There are single and double rider options so you can share the driving or Captain the vessel solo – whichever you would prefer. If you book online, you also get a free HERO water bottle! The meeting point is very near Kite Beach so we’d recommend a walk along the track before or after the boat tour.

HERO OdySea – Visit Website

3. Immerse yourself in the culture and break the fast with Bedouin

For the more adventurous ones and cultural enthusiasts, you can get a taste of a traditional iftar at a Bedouin village. Retrace the footsteps of nomadic Bedouin for a couple of hours and experience what it was like in Dubai in the past.

It’s like you are in a time warp as you traverse the desert on a traditional camel caravan to a magical desert oasis hidden behind the sand dunes. You arrive to a traditional Arabic welcoming after watching a miraculous sunset falcon show. Along the way, learn all about Bedouin life and hear about the cultural roots of Ramadan traditions, rituals and customs.

Explore a Bedouin village with a local host and witness how the first inhabitants of Dubai, the Bedouin survived in the harsh desert landscape. This is a wonderful way to get into nature, escape the city and experience the desert in a culturally immersive manner. The highlight of this experience is the traditional Bedouin iftar feast. Eat like Bedouin with a shared plate in a traditional majlis, try their staple dishes and hear stories passed down through the generations.

Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience – Visit Website

4. Relax and unwind with a Hammam treatment

Are you ready to experience one of the most relaxing and restorative things in your life? The One & Only Royal Mirage is offering 25% off their Oriental Hammam Treatment. This treatment is 110 minutes of pure bliss!  A hammam ritual is an Arabian body treatment involving steam and restorative cleansing.

The treatment starts with cleansing and is followed by a body scrub from head to toe. Then a body wrap with ‘Ghassoul’ mud is applied together with a honey mask which is very good for your skin. If you are looking for a spa experience and some down time during your travels, we would definitely recommend this unique treatment. The One & Only Royal Mirage is one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in Dubai. You may even be tempted to enjoy a pool and beach day before or after your treatment.

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5. Fly in a Hot Air Balloon

Last one, just for luck is a sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride! May is the last month of the season for Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai so if you are visiting during Ramadan this year then you are in luck! With Balloon Adventures Dubai you even get to fly with falcons.

This experience is the epitome of once-in-a-life-time and judging from its Instagram account, the views of the desert are truly spectacular! Another amazing thing about this activity is that you ride in vintage Land Rovers to a Bedouin camp in the desert. For those who aren’t fasting, you can enjoy a delicious gourmet breakfast in the authentic setting before heading back to the city.

Balloon Adventures Dubai – Visit Website

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to make some plans during Ramadan in Dubai. There is a lot to do and this time is an opportunity to try something new and different. If you would like to know more information about Ramadan in Dubai, please read our blog post: How to Enjoy Ramadan in Dubai as a Tourist 2019.