How to stay cool this summer

April 08th 2021
Written by: Genevieve
Stay cool this summer

Despite Dubai’s hot summers, there is never a shortage of fun things to do – especially on warmer days! Every year we as residents wait in anticipation for the summer to start just to get it over with and enjoy the next perfect winter. This year, instead of wishing for the summer to pass, keep cool with these fun, water activities and beach/pool days.


Make the sky your playground and fly above the beautiful waters of Dubai on a flyboard. Similar to a hover board, but attached to a hose that jets water through nozzles, providing the momentum needed to thrust the rider up in the air up to 20 metres. There are several operators in Dubai offering lessons on using a hover board, with guides helping you every step of the way. While flying above the waters, you will get the chance to take a couple of photos to help you remember this experience forever.

Nemo Watersports brings it back to the basics. As flyboarding has been patented by people from France, most of their guides are French, meaning you have the best possible guide you could have. Your first lesson/session will be 30 minutes long, and will teach you the basics and get you comfortable with the flyboard. You then have the option of booking a second session for 30 minutes, to fully enjoy the skills you learned. The first lesson will cost you AED 350 and the second AED 300.

Visit their website or call them +971 50 471 7002.


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Nothing says “I am a HERO” like driving your own boat! With no license or previous experience needed, these self-drive boats give you the chance to captain your own vessel while snapping some shots in front of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. As you steer your own untippable, nippy boat into the horizon and occasionally feel the salt water hit your face with every wave, you can’t help but wish this was the only mode of transportation you ever had to take.

HERO OdySea, the first and longest running operator of its kind, offers 90-minute guided tours, where you can choose between a signature or sunset boat tour. Whichever tour you will choose, you will be the envy of all your social media followers! With their boats being suitable for single or double riders, you can choose to venture out on your own or take a partner in crime! Each self-drive boat tour costs AED 700 and can accommodate up to 2 people.

Visit their website or call them +971 4 440 9827



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Did you know there is the option to kayak right on your doorstep? If you enjoy doing your own thing more instead of following a tour group, this is the perfect place for you! When you rent a kayak from Kite n’ Surf, you can rent by the hour and starts paddling on your own time out to the ocean. Take in Kite Beach and all of its life from the blue waters of the Arabian Peninsula. If you’re lucky, you might even see some dolphins!

When renting a kayak by the hour, you will pay AED 60 per hour for a single seat kayak. If you want to share this experience with a friend of family member, it is only AED 80 per hour for a double seat kayak.

Visit their website or call them +971 55 800 6363.



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Combine fun, excitement and relaxation when going parasailing. It’s a thrilling activity where you get towed behind a boat while harnessed to a parachute that is attached to the boat. Being at the mercy of the elements such as the wind and waves, you have very little control over the ride, which is what makes it so exhilarating. Before and after the excitement, you get to enjoy a boat tour, to calm the nerves.

I highly recommend Beach Riders Dubai, with several options for water activities. Their parasailing stays an all-time favourite. Depending on the amount of guests joining the activity, the cost can range between AED 400 – AED 1300. This includes 10-15 minutes parasailing and a 20-minute boat ride.

Visit their website or call them +971 58 822 4410



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This one is for the ladies! Not in the mood for adventure and sport? Just grab some shisha, drinks and relax between a pool and bar! There is no doubt that we girls have a ton of options for a relaxing pool day, but the best one I did to date is Andreea’s at Habtoor Grand. On Thursdays and Saturdays, ladies get beach access, light bites and unlimited frozen cocktails for only AED 125.

Visit their website or call them +971 58 693 5778