Dubai Travel Advice


April 15th 2021
Written by: Genevieve

When it comes to Ramadan traditions, there is a lot to take into consideration regarding the culture and customs. You can read more about what to expect during Ramadan here. There are so many offers to choose from when it comes to Iftars. An iftar is the meal that Muslims have after sunset to break […]

How to stay cool this summer

April 08th 2021
Written by: Genevieve

Beat the heat this summer with these fun, water-based activities to get you out of the house! This list is perfect for those looking for adventure, sightseeing or just relaxing.

Best Desert Safari in Dubai Comparison

What is the best desert safari in Dubai? This is everything you need to know about the best desert safaris in Dubai

Dubai during Summer – What to Expect?

March 31st 2021
Written by: Tracy

Here’s what to expect when you visit Dubai during summer. It does get hot but there is still lots to do. We share some tips and advice for travelling to Dubai during summer.

Tipping in Dubai

March 28th 2021
Written by: Susan

On your way to Dubai and wondering what the standards are on tipping in Dubai? Read the below for valuable Dubai Travel Advice.

How to see Dubai’s Landmarks in Style

March 24th 2021
Written by: Tracy

Dubai has plenty of famous landmarks and must-see places to visit. From the world’s first man-made island, to the world’s tallest building, and the even more impressive Arabian desert, you are going to want to see a lot when you travel to Dubai.

Dubai Bucket List 2021

January 08th 2021
Written by: Tracy

Are you looking for things to do in Dubai? Here’s our list of the top things to do in Dubai in 2020.

Luxury Desert Experiences in Dubai

December 23rd 2020
Written by: Giulia

With a name like “City of Gold”, it comes as no surprise that Dubai is  well-known as one of the capitals of the world for opulence and luxury. It’s home to the most luxurious hotels, once in a lifetime experiences, and some of the best dining in the world. Although the lights and glamour of […]

Top 10 Luxury Experiences in Dubai

November 20th 2020
Written by: Aimee

Dubai is well known for its extravagance, a city that never fails to impress with an infinite amount of luxury hotels, lavish dining and one in a lifetime experiences the city exudes opulence and luxury. Described as the city of gold, Dubai has a great deal of luxury experiences to offer and we have hand-picked our favourite just for you.

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