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Things to do in Dubai at Night

April 16th 2019
Written by: Susan

Are you looking for things to do in Dubai at night or do you only have a few hours in Dubai on a stopover flight? Here’s the top 10 things to do in Dubai at night.

How to Enjoy Ramadan in Dubai as a Tourist 2019

April 10th 2019
Written by: Tracy
Catergory: Dubai Travel Tips

Ramadan is a great time to visit Dubai. This article shares some answers to frequently asked questions about Ramadan for tourist in Dubai.

Best Desert Safari in Dubai Comparison

What is the best desert safari in Dubai? This is everything you need to know about the best desert safaris in Dubai

How to see Dubai’s Landmarks in Style

March 24th 2019
Written by: Tracy

Dubai has plenty of famous landmarks and must-see places to visit. From the world’s first man-made island, to the world’s tallest building, and the even more impressive Arabian desert, you are going to want to see a lot when you travel to Dubai.

What to do in Dubai for 1 day

March 06th 2019
Written by: Susan

Do you have one day in Dubai? This is an itinerary on what to do and see for the best 24 hours in Dubai.

Top 5 breakfast spots in Dubai

February 20th 2019
Written by: Giulia

Are you looking for the best coffee and breakfast cafes in Dubai? These are my top picks for the most unique breakfast spots in Dubai!!

Romantic Adventures in Dubai

February 12th 2019
Written by: Tracy

Are you a couple looking for things to do in Dubai? These romantic adventures in Dubai will make memories to last a lifetime!

What to wear in Dubai

January 17th 2019
Written by: Susan
Catergory: Dubai Travel Tips

Dubai is a popular cosmopolitan city to visit in the Middle East and sometimes people are not always sure on the dress code or what they should wear during their visit. In general, Dubai’s dress code is quite liberal and as long as you cover up in the more traditional areas, you can wear similar clothes to what you would wear in Europe and other western countries. This video guides you on what to wear in the different areas in Dubai.

Dubai Bucket List Activities 2019

January 16th 2019
Written by: Tracy

If there is one city to tick things off your bucket list in, then it is definitely Dubai! From hot air ballooning, to skydiving and swimming with sharks, this is the ultimate destination for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Things to do in Dubai

December 28th 2018
Written by: Susan

Are you travelling to Dubai soon? These are the top 5 things to do in Dubai we would recommend.

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