How to Stopover in Dubai on Emirates Airlines

June 20th 2018
Written by: Susan

Emirates Airlines is often hailed as the world’s best airline, and with good reason. With a focus on comfort, entertainment, and even showers, Emirates makes strides to truly offer an experience, in addition to getting you from point A to point B. If you do choose to fly Emirates, your layover will be in Dubai (if it’s not already your final destination). So why not do a quick stopover?

Dubai is an interesting swirl of past, present, and future and there is plenty to do in this eclectic city. From renting a Ferrari to cruise down Sheikh Zayed Road, to staying in the worlds only 7-star hotel, Burj Al Arab or experiencing to flying over the desert in a hot air balloon, there is no shortage of exciting things to do. Despite popular perception, Dubai is not just a playground for the rich and fabulous. In fact, there’s something for everyone.

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How to book your Stop Over

Stopping in Dubai has never been easier–or cheaper. Thanks to Emirates Airlines, experiencing a little Arabian adventure is not only affordable, it’s also super simple to book. Prices will vary based on seasonal, dynamic pricing, but many stopovers don’t charge you extra–especially because Dubai is Emirates’ home base. Still, be sure to check Emirates’ terms and conditions for the latest updates. Keep in mind that Dubai’s entry requirements are also pretty convenient. Most nations receive either visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry, usually at no additional charge. And because Emirates is so central and flies from over 100 destinations, it’s a smart choice for a relaxing, (nearly) jetlag-free recovery layover. Checkout our stopover guide

There are basically two ways to book your Dubai stopover:

1. First, you can book your stopover manually, treating it as a separate leg of your flight.

To begin, go to the main booking screen and choose the Advanced Search option.

Next, choose your departure airport, and select Dubai as your destination.

2. Alternatively, book your stopover after you’ve bought your flights. Depending on where you purchased your ticket, you’ll have to either go through your travel agent or call Emirates directly to arrange a stopover.

How long should you stay for

While Dubai is a dynamic destination, a 2-3 day visit is enough to satisfy most travellers. You’ll need to make sure you plan it out ahead of time, because there is just so much to experience. You can wander through luxurious malls and hotels, spend a lazy afternoon at the white sand beaches on Jumeirah, or sample some of the world’s finest restaurants. You can experience something traditionally Emirati and go on a desert safari. Rewind the clock and escape the urban confines of Dubai for a taste of what life was once like. Spectate traditional dance performances, watch artists trace intricate henna patterns on your arms, or marvel at falcons soaring through the sky, diving after prey on command. Afterwards, sit down to enjoy an authentic meal of local, Emirati cuisine, prepared fresh from the finest ingredients. Sip on coffee, smoke shisha, and chat with friends old and new under the desert sky.