Dubai Reopens for Tourism – Planning a Trip to Dubai

August 25th 2020
Written by: Aimee
Dubai Reopening for Tourists

COVID-19 has had a large impact worldwide in every industry, especially in the travel industry. Things are slowly beginning to get back to normal in the world and people are beginning to travel again now is a great time to plan a winter getaway to Dubai. Why Dubai?

Getting there: Dubai has officially opened up to tourists again and  Emirates Airlines are opening up routes every day allowing more tourists to book and plan their getaway to Dubai.

Where to stay: As Dubai hotels are opening their doors to tourists again, many businesses are eager to get back to business as usual, some even offering amazing deals and packages for the upcoming months. I have discovered some great deals here: Luxury Hotel Deals Dubai

Culture and Entertainment: There is so much to do and see in Dubai. Below are some of the must-do activities I would recommend. In light of the pandemic, I would suggest picking activities that are quite private and outdoors.

Dubai Desert Safaris

Nothing shows off Dubai’s heritage like a Desert Safari – a must do when visiting. Many companies offer wonderful Desert Safaris, however for a truly unique experience Platinum Heritage is highly recommended. Platinum Heritage is the only sustainable tourism desert safari company in Dubai and they offer a range of eco-friendly experiences which introduce guests to Dubai’s beautiful nature and authentic culture. They offer many luxury experiences such as a Conservation Drive & Breakfast at Al Maha and a Private Night Desert Safari & Astronomy Experience  from their Platinum and Heritage Desert Safaris..  Platinum Heritage have recently received the ‘Safe Travels’ Approval badge from the World Travel and Tourism Council, which means that their protocols are in line with global regulations, making it safer for you and your family to enjoy these activities without having to worry.

Boat Tours in Dubai

There are many ways to check out the sights of Dubai, many companies offer bus tours, helicopter rides and boat tours all of which are fun, but HERO OdySea offer a truly unique way to experience some of Dubai’s most iconic attractions like the Burj Al Arab, the Atlantis and the Palm. HERO OdySea self-drive boat tours allow you to captain your very own boat, a one of a kind experiences in Dubai. The boats are similar to a jet ski but much sturdier making it safer and very easy to drive. A perfect tour for thrill seeking couples, families or friends looking for that perfect Instagram shot.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Dubai

One of Dubai’s main attractions is the Burj Khalifa, it really is amazing to see the city from such a height. Even though the view from At the Top is incredible, by far the best way to view the desert is from a hot air balloon. Balloon Adventures Dubai, is the longest operating balloon company in Dubai, who promise stunning views while floating over the desert. Start your morning off by watching the sun rise with a hot air balloon ride, followed by a vintage land rover drive and breakfast.


 When it comes to eating out in Dubai the options are endless, you can find any cuisine in the world here, making it easy to find what you want. I would definitely recommend trying some traditional Middle Eastern food when you visit Dubai. Restaurants such as @almashowa  and @leilaresturant offer lovely views of the Burj Khalifa and City walk. If you are brave enough camel milk treats at Majlis in Dubai mall truly are a treat.


Many people believe that Dubai is scorching hot all year round, but this is simply not true, from about mid-September  the temperature begins to drop and most days are like a beautiful European summer’s day, minus the rain making it the perfect time of year to go outside and explore all Dubai has to offer or to just relax and soak up the sun. Not only is Dubai known for its sandy deserts, but also for its beautiful  beaches and beach clubs such a Nikki beach, who offer packages to relax and enjoy their facilities.

I hope that this has what your appetite for a getaway in Dubai. This has been a tough year for all and everyone deserves a holiday. As an Irish expat living in Dubai, I will certainly be making the most of all that Dubai has to offer.