How to see Dubai’s Landmarks in Style

March 24th 2021
Written by: Tracy
Dubai Reopening for Tourists

Dubai has plenty of famous landmarks and must-see places to visit. From the world’s first man-made island to the world’s tallest building, and the even more impressive Arabian desert, you are going to want to see a lot when you travel to Dubai. It can be tricky trying to fit everything in and I am sure that you don’t want to spend your entire holiday stuck in traffic in the back of a taxi trying to get to all of Dubai’s famous places. These are my suggestions of how to see Dubai’s famous landmarks in style.

The Palm, Jumeriah – Bentley Tours Dubai

The Palm, Jumeirah is the world’s largest man-made island and is one of Dubai’s proudest developments! Many of Dubai’s top 5-star hotels like Walldorf Astoria and the One and Only are located on the Palm crescent and there are plenty of luxurious villas on the fronds. At the head of the Palm is also the famous Atlantis. Some might even say that the Palm is what put Dubai on the map and captured the attention of globe trotters worldwide – as a result, many travellers are curious to see it when they visit Dubai. 

How to see the Palm, Jumeirah in style? In the lap of luxury in a Classis 1965 Bentley S3!

Bentley Tours Dubai does a scenic tour of the Palm and stops along the way for you to get amazing photos of the famous landmarks like Atlantis and the stunning views from the Palm like Dubai Marina, the JBR skyline, and Burj Al Arab. Your professional chauffeur will collect you from your hotel for the customised luxurious tour. En route, he will also tell you all about the Palm and stop along the way for you to admire some of Dubai’s most famous man-made wonders. Feel like a celeb as you travel around this exclusive island in a classic car.

Burj Al Arab – HERO OdySea Boat Tours

The worlds-only 7-star hotel and Dubai’s version of London’s Big Ben or Paris’s Eifel Tower, Burj Al Arab is certainly one of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. Its sail-shaped structure and unusual positioning on man-made land in the ocean just off the coastline make it a truly unique work of art.

How to see Burj Al Arab in style? Up close, from the ocean on the back of your own boat!

It’s not that easy to get inside or up close on land to this super exclusive hotel, so the best way to admire it (and get your perfect Dubai selfie) is from the ocean. HERO OdySea Boat Tours takes you right up close to this icon as part of a guided tour which also makes its way along Dubai’s coastline and to other famous places like the World Islands and Atlantis. The views of Dubai from the ocean are incredible, but my favourite part is that you get to drive a boat! The HERO boats are fast like jetskis, but much safer – in my opinion, they are also more photogenic which makes them the perfect vessels to see Burj Al Arab in style.

The Desert – Platinum Desert Safari

It’s not a real trip to Dubai unless you experience the beautiful Arabian desert. Dubai’s innovative architecture and gorgeous coastline only make up a small portion of the Emirate and if you head just outside the city, you will find yourself amongst the rolling sand dunes. Many people don’t realise that the desert is also teeming with wildlife like Arabian oryx, gazelles, and migratory birds.  Unfortunately, some of the desert near the city has been destroyed by the public as a result of the popular and very environmentally damaging dune bashing. To get the real experience of the stunning desert landscape, I’d recommend entering the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve as this is a 225 km² protected area of pristine sand dunes and home to plenty of wildlife.

How to see the desert in style? On a luxury desert safari in a Range Rover!

Platinum Heritage’s Platinum Desert Safari offers the most luxurious way to experience the Dubai desert. It starts with a wildlife drive in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve in modern Range Rovers. You then head to a scenic spot in a Royal desert retreat to watch an impressive sunset falcon show followed by a short camel ride to a magical desert oasis. You get a private cabana (complete with perfect mood lighting) beside the oasis – this setting takes dining under the stars to a whole new level! There is a professional Chef at the camp who prepares a delicious al-la-carte six-course dinner including choices such as Australian Angus Steaks. The entertainment is a spectacular fire show and shisha is also provided. Your Conservation Guide will collect and drop you back at your hotel in Dubai.

All of Dubai – At the Top

Going up the tallest building in the world is on most people’s lists when they come to Dubai. Burj Khalifa is not only impressive from the outside, but the view from the top is (as you can imagine) breath-taking.

How to see all of Dubai in style? From the top of the Burj Khalifa!

There’s not much more to say other than, if you want to see a whole lot of Dubai in one activity, then going to the top of the Burj Khalifa is the way to do it! The panoramic views are spectacular and from up there, you can see for miles into the distance. This view really puts the city into perspective. A quick tip is to book in advance as it does tend to get busy – and also, the best time of day to go is around sunset, especially if you are looking to get your iconic ‘look at me, I’m in Dubai’ photo for Instagram! To make the experience even more special and exclusive, get the VIP pass.

These are my recommendations on how to see Dubai’s landmarks in style! If you are only in Dubai for a short visit and think this might be too many things to fit in, then check out What to do in Dubai for 1 Day. If you are lucky enough to be here for a bit longer, then have a look at the Top 10 Things to do in Dubai.