5 Things You Should Know Before Your Visit to Dubai

May 26th 2021
Written by: Tracy
Travelling to Dubai

Are you planning a visit to Dubai? Here’s what you need to know…

Weather in Dubai

Most people assume that it’s very hot in Dubai all year round, when in actual fact it’s pretty pleasant for most of the year. You can’t expect too much rain in Dubai and if it does rain, it’s usually during February and it’s not more than ten days of rain per year. It is pretty much sunshine all year round! During the summer time, it does get a little bit hotter- it’s the same summer as Europe, the hotter months are between May and September and there’s not that much you can do outdoors. Although, it does get a lot cooler in the desert in the late afternoons and early evenings which makes heading out into the desert a good activity to get outdoors. During the winter the temperature is very pleasant in Dubai. There’s a lot to do indoors and outdoors. If you decide to head out into a desert during winter time, it can get a little bit cooler during the late afternoons and early evenings- we suggest that you pack a jumper.

What to wear in Dubai

When people ask us what they should wear in Dubai, we recommend wearing whatever they feel comfortable in. At the beach you can wear a bikini, in a club you can wear open dresses, tops and skirts. However, make sure to cover shoulders and knees when going out in a public places such as shopping malls and government offices.

Drinking in Dubai

Many people assume that it’s illegal to drink in Dubai, when actually there are many places in Dubai where visitors can and are allowed to have a drink. There are so many restaurants and bars offering a wide range of cocktails and drinks. In general, hotels of four stars or more have an alcohol license. You can easily check all the wonderful options online or walk in for a drink when you’re here!

Culture and heritage in Dubai

People often think that Dubai is shiny new skyscrapers, fast cars and fancy hotels. But there’s actually a different side that you can explore. If you go into the “Old Dubai”, where you have the Dubai Museum, the Bastakiya and old Souks, like the Spice Souk and Gold Souk, you can actually get a glimpse into a bygone era. Another way to explore the culture and heritage, which is quite rich is to see how the Bedouins used to live in the desert. You can do this by looking at the culture and heritage through a Desert Safari-s long as it’s authentic! We would actually recommend Platinum Heritage’s Bedouin Culture Safari because then you would really get to see how the Bedouins used to survive in the desert!

Public Displays of Affection in Dubai

Kissing each other’s cheeks is how people greet in Italy and it is kind of the same in Dubai. Kissing and holding hands in public is okay, as long as it’s not of an intimate nature but it’s important to know that Public Displays of Affection is frowned upon and can even get you arrested.

We hope that these tips on things you should know before you visit Dubai have been useful and we wish you safe travels and an amazing stay!

Travelling to Dubai