About Dubai Travel Advice

Dubai Travel Advice is a group of travel enthusiasts with a shared passion for discovering the best experiences in Dubai. This is a platform for us to share our expertise and top travel tips for this iconic city that we are all lucky enough to call a second home. With over 25 years of combined experience of exploring Dubai and a mixed bag of interests, we know we are Dubai experts and love to share our insights and candid reviews.


Born in India and bred in Dubai, after 21 years of residing in the heart of the city, Karen is still amazed by all the new and upcoming things to do in the city that never sleeps.

There’s always something exciting to look forward to here in Dubai. From the latest restaurant opening to exclusive nightclubs, nature escapes in the pristine desert to exciting new deals you don’t want to mist. She’s got you covered!

Karen is you’re A to Z go-to guide for all the latest, coolest and trendiest things to do and discover in the city to create unforgettable memories.

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Giulia - ‘The Foodie’

As an Italian, Giulia is passionate about great food and authentic coffee! Her enthusiasm for travel and an insatiable passion for seeking out local cuisines and customs has resulted in her calling several countries home at different periods of time in her life.

Since making Dubai her 5th country to call home, she has discovered that the city is a real foodie’s paradise with a great variety of cuisine coexisting and celebrated in one place.

From hidden gems to the best of the best, from street food to high-end restaurants, Giulia’s recommendations are for genuine food lovers that are looking for authentic flavours in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai.


Genevievé - 'The Wavebreaker'

Growing up in South Africa, a country with such beautiful nature, sun, sea and sand is in Genevievé’s blood. She used to spend every school holiday sunbathing on a different beach, going to the lake for water sports or jumping off cliffs into crystal clear waters. If it took place in the outdoors – she was there!

When picking holiday destinations, a good beach bargain with sundowners is a must. Listening to the waves hugging the beach from morning to night while sipping cocktails is a favourite pastime. On off days she can be found in or next to the water or discovering new outdoor activities – these freckles don’t happen by themselves!

Genevievé is always up to date with the latest and best beach days, water sports and camping spots.

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Eleanor - ‘The Sun Lounger’

Being from the rainy UK, Eleanor is always searching for the perfect place to catch some rays. Luckily, it’s easily discovered here in Dubai. Exploring the perfect beach clubs, lavish pools and luxury hotels is one of Eleanor’s favorite past times, not forgetting always finding something new and exciting to eat!

Eleanor has only been in Dubai for a handful of months, so she has a whole lot of brand-new experiences coming her way. Her passions lie in find exciting experiences for herself and her husband Jacob and they always up for trying new activities.

Follow Eleanor’s journey into becoming a fully-fledged Dubai resident and see the collection of incredible memories she gathers along the way.

Annabel - ‘The Art and Culture Enthusiast.’

Coming from India, the land of diversities and cultural fusion, Annabel is passionate about learning different histories, traditions and how the fusion of different cultures influences art in the present day.

She is impressed by the astounding beauty, energy, and cultural diversity in Dubai. Having a natural inclination for aesthetics and culture, Annabel is thrilled to break into Dubai’s emerging art scene. She will be your guide to the different hues of art and culture- From exploring various art forms, learning about the Emirati culture, scouting local and international art exhibits, and keeping an eye on music, poetry, theatre, and films imprinted on Dubai’s canvas.


Born and raised in Germany but 100% Italian by blood, Melania has been living in Dubai for 2 years. She feels extremely connected to her roots in Sicily – Bella Italia. With a love for eating good food (of course!) and cooking for her friends because, for Italians, food isn’t just nourishment; it is a social occasion and life. Melania loves checking out the glamourous Dubai pools or sunny beaches in her spare time. There is only one thing that makes her heart melt more than food – Animals!

Dubai offers several tourism and family activities with animals and animal interaction. Choosing and suggesting the right operator is Melania’s mission. As a true animal lover, she ensures that when visiting one of these attractions or activities, the animals are well looked after and undergo regular vet checks.

If you’re looking for unique experiences in Dubai with ethical animal policies, follow Melania in her adventures around the country. She will pick the best experiences and ethical operators, recommending only those truly committed to animal welfare.