Top 10 Luxury Experiences in Dubai

Dubai is well known for its extravagance, a city that never fails to impress with an infinite amount of luxury hotels, lavish dining and one in a life...

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July 07th 2021
Written by: Genevieve

Dubai is known for having it all, from beautiful beaches and swanky nightclubs to iconic landmarks and record-breaking experiences. If you are a true romantic at heart – you can make a date out of anything and any place. However, let’s face it – not all of us have a knack for being creative and […]

The Best Way to Spend 2-3 Days in Dubai

June 20th 2021
Written by: Susan

If you had 2-3 days in Dubai, what could you do? As it turns out, there’s quite a lot to do in this desert oasis. Dubai is a dynamic city that offers something to visitors of all walks of life. Whether you’re an adventurer seeking new thrills, a lover of culture, cuisine, and art, or a beach bum looking for some much-deserved rest and relaxation, you’ll find something in Dubai. With a wide range of things to do, 2-3 days in Dubai is more than enough time to get a taste of this bustling city if you are smart with how you spend your time. We compiled a suggested itinerary of how you can make the most of 2-3 days in Dubai.

Top 7 fine dining experiences in Dubai

June 04th 2021
Written by: Giulia

Browse through our top 10 fine dining experiences in Dubai – you won’t be disappointed!

5 Things You Should Know Before Your Visit to Dubai

May 26th 2021
Written by: Tracy

Are you travelling to Dubai soon? Here are 5 things you should know before your visit. We share tips about the weather, dress code, culture and more!


May 05th 2021
Written by: Genevieve
Catergory: Dubai Travel Tips

astronomy/əˈstrɒnəmi/ noun – the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space and the physical universe as a whole. There is something very special about sitting out in the open and taking in the galaxies surrounding us. One of the best ways to explore the night sky is with a professional astronomer. There are […]


April 15th 2021
Written by: Genevieve

When it comes to Ramadan traditions, there is a lot to take into consideration regarding the culture and customs. You can read more about what to expect during Ramadan here. There are so many offers to choose from when it comes to Iftars. An iftar is the meal that Muslims have after sunset to break […]

How to stay cool this summer

April 08th 2021
Written by: Genevieve

Beat the heat this summer with these fun, water-based activities to get you out of the house! This list is perfect for those looking for adventure, sightseeing or just relaxing.

Best Desert Safari in Dubai Comparison

What is the best desert safari in Dubai? This is everything you need to know about the best desert safaris in Dubai

Dubai during Summer – What to Expect?

March 31st 2021
Written by: Tracy

Here’s what to expect when you visit Dubai during summer. It does get hot but there is still lots to do. We share some tips and advice for travelling to Dubai during summer.

Tipping in Dubai

March 28th 2021
Written by: Susan

On your way to Dubai and wondering what the standards are on tipping in Dubai? Read the below for valuable Dubai Travel Advice.